Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Updates and a little middle-of-the-night excitement

Don't worry, this post is definitely rated "G"!

Still feeling just not quite myself after almost two weeks after resuming normal meds and diet following my radioactive iodine treatment, I called my doctor on Monday to let him know I was still feeling a bit more weak and tired than normal. He gave me the option to up my Synthroid dosage which I jumped on. According to what he told me, the increased dosage is "more the usual" for someone my age and size. Today was the first day on the increased dosage, and I'm definitely noticing a difference. I've lost that weak-like-low-blood-sugar feeling, and the ravenous hunger that seemed to accompany it. My energy levels felt far more normal today. Even not having slept much last night, I'm not nearly as tired as I've been for the last few weeks.

So over the weekend, Doug finally decided that our mattress (15+ years old) was indeed worn out and in need of replacement, and we bought a new one. It was delivered on Monday. It's about twice as thick as the old mattress, which means that the top of our bed is now about 8" higher than previously, and too high for the dogs to be able to scale themselves. They haven't figured that out yet, though. Last night around midnight they were getting restless, so against my better judgement, I let them outside for a potty break. When I let them back in, Byron took a running leap at the bed, and didn't make it. He fell, yelped and ran away holding his right back leg up. I immediately feared he'd caught his leg and broken it, and cornered him. I couldn't feel anything amiss, and it didn't seem to hurt him when I felt up and down the leg, but he continued to hold it up and not put weight on it, so I feared the worst. I put both dogs in their crates in the kitchen (so he wouldn't move around in case it was broken or injured) and lay awake all night worrying about him. This morning I got up, let him out of his crate, and he was fine. No limp even. What a drama queen he can be! Looks like we're going to have to invest in some kind of step up for the dogs. My current idea is to get a chest to put at the foot of the bed; we can use it for storage for linens and the dogs can use it as a step. We'll see.


Anonymous citizen spot said...

Glad you are feeling better. When I bought a new thick puffy mattress a few years ago, I was given the option of a standard thickness box spring, or an ultra thin box spring. I got the ultra thin box spring so that I wouldn't need a stepladder to get up into bed. And no loss of comfort.
Anyways, I thought spaniels were bred as hunting dogs, shouldn't they be able to jump? Hey, I'm a cat person, so what do I know.
Also, here is a link to Alanis Morrisette's version of the Black Eyed Peas "My Humps". It is high-larious.

9:14 PM  
Blogger Deja Pseu said...

Heh, love the video, thanks!

Well, "spaniels" may have been bred as hunting dogs, but King Charles Spaniels were bred to hang out on pillows with the royal ladies while they embroidered shit, so they're a bit smaller than, say, a springer spaniel. And while Coco is pretty lithe and agile, Byron is the Lincoln Navigator of the breed. Our nickname for him is "The Meat Loaf" or "Leadbottom". He's not fat, just has a low and insistent center of gravity.

6:24 PM  

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