Wednesday, August 30, 2006

And a Fine Time Was Had by All, pt. 1

Sam and the dogs and me at the beach.

Just got back this afternoon from a visit up north to see my dad and step-mom. We spent Saturday in Carmel, which has become quite a doggie-friendly town. Dogs are even allowed to roam free on the beach. Stayed at Carmel Valley Lodge which I highly recommend. Rooms are casual and comfortable, dogs and welcome (they even offer a dog-sitting service) and they have a nice buffet Continental breakfast. We wandered around downtown Carmel a bit, had lunch at The Forge in the Forest which has a special patio for those who dine with their canine companions, as well as a doggie menu. The waiters bring out bowls of water for the dogs when you're seated, and stop by regularly to visit with the pups and offer doggie treats. Then we walked down to the beach, while poor Doug spent an hour circling trying to find a parking space.

Saturday night we enjoyed dinner on the patio restaurant at the Highlands Inn where I'm told my grandparents went for their honeymoon. Views, of course, were spectacular.


Blogger Maya's Granny said...

I love Carmel. When I lived in California I used to go for a weekend at least once a year. Wander through all the delightful shops, most of which I could afford to shop at but all of which had things that I liked seeing but didn't need anyway. And the beach! I don't remember the names of the place I stayed or the restaurants I ate at, but I could always hear the surf from my bed and the food was always a delight. Rather spend the money that way than on trinkets, at any rate.

By the by, you've been tagged for a meme, you know. Check out my Sunday post.

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