Sunday, July 23, 2006

Not Too Strong A Word

Monsters. Or, Compassion, Schmompassion For Anyone Who's Not An Embryo.

Digby's blog is one of the few political blogs I read daily (besides Echidne ), because of the insightful and passionate commentary.

Monsters is not too strong a word for the pieces of shit who are currently in charge of this country. They'll sell us all down the river for the sake of the next election. They're ginning up WWIII just in time for the 2006 midterms, and to keep the Fundanutters happy. I haven't been so full of dread about the future of the world since Reagan's Rapturists were in power. And even then, it was less a fear about global war than the immenent destruction of the environment.

Maybe Bush really is an idiot child (or so hopped up on drugs he's lost it ) and being manipulated by sociopaths. Maybe he's a sociopath himself as many have suggested. The only thing I can hope for (and probably in vain) is that someday there will be some accountability at the top, and these monsters do some hard time in prison.


Blogger Maya's Granny said...

I have read in several different places that his family tells that when he was young he used to shove lit dynamite down frogs throats and blow them up. That qualifies as sociopath. The fact that his family not only didn't have him locked up, but laugh when they tell the story, tells you all you need to know about them, as well.

12:35 AM  
Anonymous citizen spot said...

Yup, GW definitely does not play well with others. "Bush On the Couch" by Justin A. Frank, M.D. was an interesting read. Another good read was "Hell In a Handbasket" by Tom Tomorrow. His comics from 2003 are quite prescient of what would happen with the neocon experiment in social engineering/free market profiteering.

That got me to thinking that the Amish were prescient in avoiding all things modern. At least the current administration cannot tap their phones, or monitor their email or internet usage, and they are not completely dependant on foreign or domestic oil (just the infrastructure to bring feed to the livestock). And I guess that lifestyle makes them "terrist" suspects, and puts them all on the no fly list, if, indeed, they have government issued I.D. Irony is grand, no?

10:34 PM  

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