Saturday, June 30, 2007

"The One Stone Solution"

A couple months back, I blogged about the neverending desire to be thinner than I am currently despite the rational part of me that knows it's bullshit.

Naomi Wolf in "The Beauty Myth" * talks about the "One Stone Solution" which is the 15-20 pounds that most women feel is all that lies between them and having an acceptable body.

And now Harriet Brown at Feed Me! has adressed this with amazing insight. Apparently Rachel Hunter, a model and wife of Rod Stewart has been tapped to be the spokesmodel for SlimFast, a product which she has never used or needed. Quoted in as saying when asked about her inexperience with the product, "But, you know, who doesn't want to lose ten to twenty pounds?" she demonstrates just how fucked up our culture has become about weight. Here's what Harriet said that really resonated with me:

This kind of fat trash talk is my least favorite. It's the equivalent of the
air kiss, the baring of the throat by the subordinate animal. It's a social
custom denoting (supposedly) good taste and submissive femininity.

Nail. Hammer. Bang.

*I think Naomi's lost a lot of credibility with some of what she's written since then, but IMO she got it right in this book.


Blogger Maya's Granny said...

"Nail. Hammer. Bang." Indeed.

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