Wednesday, July 05, 2006

How Us Eeeevil Hollywood Libruls Celebrate July 4th....

OK, so maybe I'm not "evil." I've been known to feed stray cats and hold doors open for elderly people or even younger folks with arms full of groceries or kids. And I let people merge in front of me on the freeway. Oh, and I've never invaded another country or had anyone killed or tortured.

And maybe we don't technically live in Hollywood, though our city motto is "Heart of Screenland" and we do have a major movie studio in town.

But I am an unrepentant Liberal, dammit, and proud of it!!! So what wholly disgusting and America-hating activities did we engage in to celebrate this Independence Day? Did we burn flags? Piss on the Constitution? (Nah, we'll leave that last one to the Bush administration.)

Nope, we started off the day with the annual neighborhood parade...

Families walking in the parade together and kids with patriotic decorations on bikes and wagons?


Homemade "floats" with loudspeakers blaring John Phillip Sousa marches?


Antique fire engine that later parks in the neighborhood for kiddie photo ops?


We sure are out of touch with Mainstream America here, and should be ashamed of our America-hating activities.

Even more radical, we follow up this scandalous display with [gasp!] block parties and grilling of hot dogs and hamburgers, consumption of same enjoyed with soft drinks (some "diet", oh my!) and beers (domestic AND imported!), and followed up with pie and cookies in the park while waiting for the fireworks show. And the fireworks! The most shocking display of pyrotechnics ever to grace the night skies.

I love the 4th of July!!!


Anonymous citizen spot said...

You guys had a firetruck this year?!? Dangman!

Good to see the blog revived.

7:46 PM  
Blogger Maya's Granny said...

At the Juneau 4th of July parade we have a stream of firetrucks, antique through new, and the firemen walk beside them throwing candy to the children. The kids in Juneau love firemen.

12:48 AM  
Blogger Deja Pseu said...

That's smart on the part of the fire department. Especially in an emergency, you want kids to trust firefighters.

5:49 AM  

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